Adi’s Party Wreath

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Total time: 30 min



For Adi’s party wreath, carefully peel the extra wreath and remove the natural casing. However, do not remove the tied end, usually it is fixed with a metal clip or splits. Make incisions in the upper side of the Kranzerl every 2 cm, no more than two-thirds from the inside to the outside.

Fill the incisions alternately with sausage, ham, cheese and bacon. Prepare in the grill at indirect heat of about 180-200 °C, the preparation time is about 30 minutes. The party wreath only needs to be heated on the inside, and on the outside the cheese should melt and the bacon should be nice and crispy.

Preparation Tip:

Your trusted master butcher has already heated your Extrakranzerl to 72 °C in the core during production, so it only needs to be warmed up during grilling and not cooked through. The Partykranzerl is an ideal convenience product that can also be enjoyed cold. Ideal for any children's party, but also as an appetizer for a barbecue.

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