Lao Rice Salad

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Laap is the Lao national dish: it consists of steamed meat (optionally beef, poultry or possibly pork) fresh herbs and roasted rice meal, which gives a slight nutty flavor.

Laap is the Lao word for ‘happiness’ – which spreads across the palate as a lingering savory goodness.

Fresh chief lettuce, greens, radishes, cabbage or cucumbers fit into the lukewarm leaf salad as you choose. Oil and vinegar are not used. Steamed glutinous rice, an exceptionally starchy round grain rice (such as the Japonica variety), is a suitable addition.

_Preparation_ First, roast the long grain rice until dark brown and then grind it as finely as possible in a mortar.

Cut the meat into cubes of 4 cm edge length and steam in a wok or frying pan with as little oil as possible until soft, then cut into pieces as small as possible.

Then prepare the spices: rinse and chop the spring onions and the lemongrass root, clean the kaffir lemon leaves, remove the stems and cut them into strips as fine as possible. Mix the fresh culinary herbs and the meat. Fold in the toasted rice meal and season with lime juice and salt. Add soy germs and perhaps fresh vegetables such as cucumbers, lettuce or radishes.

Finally, sprinkle with chopped cilantro greens and fresh mint.

Sticky rice, which is also served lukewarm, is suitable as an additional dish. Serve with a mug

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